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Strength & Conditioning

We want to see our community improve its standard of life, so we created STEELWORKS FITNESS.

STEELWORKS FITNESS is a strength & conditioning partner of the martial arts facility - this partnership creates one of the best training facilities in North Wales. 

We run functional fitness classes for all backgrounds and levels. Our classes also run in the mornings and evenings to fit your busy schedule.

Have questions? Contact us today to find out more.

Medicine Ball Workout


What is it??

Welcome to our Functional Fitness facility, where you can learn new skills, meet new friends, and get fit. 

What is it?

Functional Fitness is a method of working out that helps increase your strength as well as fitness.

All of our sessions are led by a coach who will take you through today's workout, and explain everything you will need to know. They will also adapt the training to meet any needs you may have as an individual. This includes working with clients with injuries or restrictions in what they can do. 



New to exercise and could do with a little bit more attention from the coach to build up your confidence? 

Or how about you and your friends want to train in a smaller group together? 

Well, our bespoke training sessions sound perfect for you. 

Our personal training sessions and group sessions give you the coach's sole attention. Your individual goals and needs become the number one priority.

For a free consultation, contact the team today.

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